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At mymizu, we value transparency.

We do our very best to provide a full behind-the-scenes picture of our inner workings - as we know that these things are important to many of you 🐳

Ocean Loop

 Ocean Loop [ō-shən lüp] /noun/ 

The promise is that for every item you purchase in our store, we collect 1kg of litter from beaches, oceans and rivers.


STEP 1. As a team, mymizu and our parent nonprofit organisation Social Innovation Japan organize clean-ups to collect rubbish in parks, beaches, and streets.

STEP 2. Profits from the sale of Ocean Loop products will go to funding these cleanups, and for each product sold we will collect 1kg of rubbish.

STEP 3. We will weigh and measure how much trash is collected, as well as upload pictures and reports on our website to ensure full transparency in the process!

The Products


Nothing beats drinking out of bottles that keep your drink ice-cold for 24+ hours, are climate-neutral, and are manufactured by MiiR, a Certified B Corporation.

But did we tell you that drinking out of a mymizu bottle directly gives back to support a healthy environment too?
Through MiiR’s product to project initiative, every mymizu bottle purchased helps fund a giving project to support clean water, a healthy environment, and strong communities. 
Look out for the Give Code on the bottom of your mymizu bottle in order to track which project your bottle is supporting.
Read more about their impact here


You are what you wear.

Meaning that when you wear a 100% organic cotton mymizu shirt, you are saving approximately 54% CO2 emissions compared to buying a conventional cotton shirt!

Our t-shirts’ 100% organic cotton comes from India and is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified, ensuring that the materials are harvested and manufactured in an environmentally and socially responsible way. 
The t-shirts are printed using silk-screen and inkjet technology in Japan.


Environmentally conscious packaging 

 Zero Plastic
We work very closely to eliminate plastic packaging and use alternative materials that minimise our environmental footprint.
Bottle Packaging
Bottles are delivered in an E-Flute Corrugated Cardboard (1.5mm thick) box, making the box strong enough to be shipped alone. We hand-pack the bottles using reused newspaper or craft paper to keep your bottle safe in transit and the box is sealed shut with (plastic-free) kraft tape. 
Shirt Packaging
For shirt orders shipped through the Japan Post, we use their dedicated letterpack light packaging to remove the need for additional packaging
Each order comes with a small note introducing other steps you can take to co-create a world with healthy oceans and thriving ecosystems. We encourage you to give this and other packaging materials another life by reusing or recycling them when you’re done!